Monica Bellucci Diet and Simple Workout Secrets

Monica Bellucci diet is easily likeable and acceptable among many people around the world. The influence of celebrity power can never be underestimated. Many famous people inspire us every day, but Monica Bellucci, with her well-balanced diet and lifestyle, moved many people in unexpected ways over the past few years.

Monica Bellucci, the Italian supermodel, and actress is still undoubtedly one of the most popular divas of Hollywood. Even at the age of 51, her appeal and poise are a case of envy for numerous women around the world. The Italian star seems to be growing even more beautiful with age. Her evergreen appeal and matchless beauty of course steam from Monica’s Italian origin. But, she has put no fewer efforts in nourishing her incredible elegance to the extent she could.

Despite the fact that Monica Bellucci is a fashion icon in the eyes of the world – she is also a great example of a healthy lifestyle. And that’s the reason why we decided to dedicate this article to Monica Bellucci diet plan and workout secrets.

  1. Monica Bellucci Diet Plan 

  • Control Your Portions

Like many celebrities, Monica Bellucci also believes in portion control diet. That means she eats anything she wants without going overboard. As an Italian – she likes to eat like an Italian!  Monica simply loves this method that is pretty easy to follow.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

Monica Bellucci also prefers to drink plenty of water to keep her healthy and fit. There is no need to tell how significant this step is as water is the natural purifier that eliminates toxins from the body. It also keeps away numerous health ailments and makes one glowing. So, simply keep a water bottle handy with you to taste the great effect of water.

  • Don’t Starve!

The Italian star has admitted that she does not believe in starving for a perfect body. When she has to put on weight for a movie – she eats more. For her – it’s definitely something better than losing weight. However, if she needs to lose weight for a role, Monica prefers to eat fresh vegetables, fish, and meat. As an Italian, she likes the Mediterranean Diet, which is a well-balanced diet with amazing benefits.

  • Eat Your Favorite Foods

Chocolate and pasta are definitely her indulgences! Monica likes to enjoy good pasta and chocolate, but she controls the amount of their consumption to avoid gaining weight and live healthily. Italian coffee is also something that Bellucci enjoys a lot.

  1. Monica Bellucci Simple Workout Plan 

In order to keep herself in shape, Bellucci is going yoga exercises and swimming. According to Monica, yoga is an ideal thing to relax and exercise at the same time. She prefers simple and effective cardio exercises – so, she swims for at least four times a week for 45 minutes.

  • She Isn’t Obsessed with Fitness

Monica also believes that taking some simple steps to ensure fitness is important, but one should not be obsessed with it. According to her, she always tries to eat good and she is sweating a quite a lot by doing yoga exercises. Bellucci also admits that she is not a morning person, but she always tries to organize herself and make a good schedule.

  • Not a Gym Person

As the superstar doesn’t have much time to hit the gym, Bellucci claims that she has a way to cover up her body’s imperfections (that are rare). So, she uses black dresses to cover up her lumps and bumps, which allow her to look fantastic.

As a health blog, we though this is an important thing to point out because today we can all witness young people who suffer from depression as a reason for low self-esteem and bad body image – most of the times influenced by the celebrities and their “perfect” look.

Monica Bellucci Extra Tips:

How to be Beautiful?

In an interview given to the Daily Mail, Monica Bellucci admitted that she has no any particular beauty secrets. She said:

‘It has to come from inside. If you don’t feel good, it’s impossible to look good – not just for girls, but for women who’ve already had a life, and experiences.’

Accept Who You Are

The Italian actress has also recommended her fans to feel contented with their body shape. In the Daily Mail interview, she said:

“I’m not obsessed with being skinny. I’m a woman and I have curves. Of course, if your natural state is to be skinny, then it’s beautiful, but if you are round and curvy, I don’t think you have to change your nature.”



According to Monica Bellucci, the famous Italian supermodel, and actress, the secret for a healthy life is to follow a well-balanced eating plan and doing some simple exercise. Monica Bellucci diet can be a great example and inspiration to create your own personal eating plan, based on healthy foods and exercise.

Because of the fact there are so many messages associated with body weight in the media: fashion models, show hosts, and celebrities, are often seen as role models, mostly by teenagers – with this article, we (Your Health Tubers) want to point out the importance of following healthy, well-balanced diet and the significance of being yourself, being happy, and prevent depression and anxiety. 

On the personal level, there are many simple things you can do in order to improve your diet and increase self-esteem, as focusing on your good qualities and accomplishments. For those with serious eating disorders, anxiety, or depression related to poor body image, though, psychotherapy or another health treatment is recommended.